Meeting and Workshop
Facilitation Training 

Design and guide effective and energizing Meetings and Workshops for your Teams or clients.

A Trainings designed for Individuals who: 

  • are the person within the Team who is able and responsible to prepare and moderate Meetings and Workshops 
  • don’t have a fixed Team, but want to design and facilitate energizing and effective Meetings and Workshops with or for their clients
  • are aspiring Executives and Change Managers, Organizational developers, HR, Consultants, Trainers and Coaches, who want to design and facilitate energizing and effective Meetings and Workshops

Key take-aways of the Training

  • learn to design and facilitate Meetings and Workshops that will spark energy and clarity
  • understand how to make Team collaboration distributed across virtual, physical and hybrid spaces not only work, but joyful and effective
  • practice how to guide transparent and productive decision-making within Meetings or Workshops

The Training Learning Experience


Experience-based Learning
Already experience through the Training how better Meetings and Workshops feel like

Learning by Doing
Make use of the Training time to try out your newly acquired skills to get live-feedback from the Trainer and fellow participants 


Easy to implement Tools 
You will get hand’s on tools and practices that will change the way you facilitate instantly

Hand’s on Resources 
Walk away with ready to use materials to be well equipped to start creating and facilitating better Meetings


Easy accessible remote Trainings
All Trainings are held remotely to offer flexible access for all particiants  

Time for your needs, pain-points and questions 
The live-Trainings give the chance to be adapted to your specific challenges, questions and wishes 


The Content of the Traning

Session 1

Design a Meeting or Workshop  

  • create a clear Purpose and Goal for your Meeting or Workshop
  • design a Meeting or Workshop format and structure that fits your purpose and goals  
  • learn how to create an energizing and effective flow for different Meetings and Workshops
  • get to know several elements and tools that enable collaboration and interaction
  • learn about differnt Types of Meetings (and steal what is helpful for your Meetings ans Workshops) 
  • work on your concept for a concrete meeting or workshop

Session 2

Facilitate a Meeting or Workshop 

  • understand and practice the Role of the Facilitator and get know additional Roles for Meetings and how to distribute them within a Meeting or Workshop
  • learn how give orientation and guide participants with ease through structure and clear rules 
  • understand what formats are suitable for what kind of space (virtual, hybrid or face-to-face) 
  • understand how to make Technology work for your purpose 
  • learn how to use Retrospectives and Iterations to keep improving your Meetings and Workshops 
  • work on your facilitation for a concrete meeting or workshop

Session 3

Methods for Meeting and Workshop Facilitation 1 

  • become familiar and confident with the methods of Tension-based working & Proposal thinking to productively transform challenges into solutions
  • experience and practice different creative methods and tools to guide a outcome-oriented creation Workshops

Session 4

Methods for Meeting and Workshop Facilitation 2 

  • experience and practice different decision-making methods beyond consensus
  • lean how to guide a Consent Decision-making process for complex challenges using the Intergrated Decision-making process

All Facts 

Duration: 4 Sessions of remote-live Training (4 hours per Session), spread over 8-12 weeks
Size: 5 - 10 participants
Language: Englisch or German (depending on the language of the participants) 
Technology: Zoom, Mural 
Price: 2.500 € (net) per participant

Next Trainings:
March 2024 (Waitinglist)
May 2024 (early-bird Sign up with 10% discount until 15th March) 

Your Trainer

Claudia has been designing and facilitating Meetings, Workshops and Trainings for over 10 years. She loves creating impactful learning experiences that empower Individuals. 
Learn more about Claudia. 



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