Your Meetings are wasting time and drain more energy than they create?

As a small-scale company you don’t have the budget or time for a large team transformation.
But you are facing challenges in the team work that are holding you back:
The Meetings are quite inefficient and often drain energy. 
Taking decisions within Meetings is unproductive. 
The founders are caring a lot of responsibility, they would like delegate, but don’t know where to start. 

Let’s do a Meeting Trainings are tailor-made for small-scale organizations who are looking for more effective Team work without a costly large-scale Transformation. 

Learn to create and moderate Meetings that will spark energy and clarity.
Understand how to make your Team collaboration distributed across virtual, physical and hybrid spaces not only work, but joyful and effective.
Practice transparent and productive decision-making within Meetings.

When you change your Meetings your Team work will transform automatically: 

spend the time and energy you save in Meetings on other challenges or invest in building stronger connections within the team

distributing responsibility within the Team becomes more natural when already practice daily within Meetings

apply Meeting tools and methods (how to take decisions etc.) to other areas of your Team work

Hybrid Meetings are here to stay. 
Let's make them work! 

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Let's do a Meeting Trainings

Meeting Facilitation
Training for Teams:

Work on your specific Meeting challenges with the whole Team to create and implement effective and energizing tailor-made Meetings for your Team.

Meeting & Workshop Facilitation Training for Individuals: 

Design and guide effective and energizing Meetings and Workshops for your Teams or clients.

Let's do a Meeting by Claudia Brückner